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Haters! - Are You Sick of Them?

I Was... Until I Beat Mine Using Psychology.

To Spite Your Haters, I'll Show You How I Did It For FREE!


Who Am I? What is this?

My name is Lee Ridenour. I am an author and the founder of Self-Evolution, LLC.

I have researched and compiled a few other works, with my newest being How Haters Help.

Some people think that this is my “hobby.” Other people think it’s just some “side project.”

Little do they realize…

It is something I would die for.

I am going to be totally honest and tell you why I am doing what I am doing.


One of my missions in Life is to get everyone - people like YOU to recognize the overwhelming potential within their own heart and the unlimited power of their mind to turn their dreams into reality. Therefore, seeing someone follow their passions unrestrained is more vaulable than any amount of cash. It is the sight of someone returning to their divine nature, following the path in their heart. It brings joy in my Life to see this.

On the other hand, more common are people who have their dreams and passions snuffed by haters.

It saddens my heart to see this.

...and it moves me in the deepest way to DO something about it!

When I first recognized the great plague of haters in our society holding people back from success, I asked myself a question:

Why do things have to be this way?

I searched and searched. Then, I realized no one had ever written about "haters" from an objective scientific viewpoint!

After I realized that, I accepted that this task had been entrusted to ME!

Thus, using psychology, sociology and a few of my engineering skills, I created something which I knew needed to be created.

Understand this...

This is a new realm of "self improvement" which has never been researched or explored before.

This is NOT your run-of-the-mill "positive thinking" generic self improvement book, nor is it some quantum-physical BS!

This is the science of haters and how to use them and your mind to get anything you want!... and it is FREE for everyone to read!

I have been blessed with the tools to help people follow their passions. For me to sit back and continue to watch others be snuffed by haters from fulfilling their goals would be an insult to my existence.

I have always had a love of psychology and the role it has played in my Life.

Along with my deep interest in psychology I am also an engineer, so I have a good understanding of systems and how things work.

I have dealt with haters my entire Life. I have learned how to beat them, prove them wrong and have developed a detached scientific objectives at the same time…making me perfect to write this book.

Everywhere I looked, be it at school, work or in public, I found haters using indidious mental techniques to hurt us go-getters. I knew it was time to do something about it!

Haters are something which all of us deal with daily… in many more ways than you may realize.
This book applies to every single person of all walks of Life and everyone I have asked agrees!

Let me ask you a question… What do you want?


...To overcome your haters and prove your doubters wrong?

...To change your mind to reach happiness?

...To make your dreams a reality?

...To understand and beat your opponents?

...To make tons of money and become wealthy?

...To become truly powerful and unstoppable?

download how haters help

Whatever you are seaking, How Haters Help will help you get there. How Haters Help isn't just about haters...

It is about Life and how to achieve anything.

Using psychology as a “lens” to examine my personal experiences and the experiences of others, I reveal everything about haters and how to use your mind to beat them and overcome them. How Haters Help assaults them from all angles and perspectives.

You will learn how they work, exactly how to beat every hater you encounter and ultimately how to use psychology to change your mind to get whatever you want.

Note: Although I love writing and reading, I am a visual learner.

Therefore, the entire book is packed full of illustrations and diagrams to help the concepts make more sense for us visually-inclined people!

How Haters Help is truly a Life-changer. How Haters Help reveals:

•  My real reasons for writing about haters and why I am qualified write about the subject.

•  How haters are defined in our culture.

•  Historical examples of haters.

•  Modern examples of haters.

•  Personal encounters with haters throughout my Life (you’re never more than three feet from a hater).

•  Why haters exist today and why they will always exist.

•  How our culture actually creates haters.

•  Why they hate on you… why you?

•  Psychological insight into haters and their innermost hater workings.

•  Sociological insight into haters and why they usually work together.

•  The “Vicious Cycle of Hating” – this sheds major light onto how a hater thinks!

•  The truest thing Kanye West ever said – yes… it was about haters.

•  Parental forms of hating – Mom… a hater? You bet!

•  Four types of haters and how to deal with their hater antics.

•  Shocking insight into what haters reveals by their verbal attacks.

•  Incredible damage incurred to you when you succumb to a hater.

•  Wonderful events that can unfold when you overcome a hater and prove them wrong.

•  Eye-opening Life perspectives on the importance of overcoming every hater you meat.

•  The real reason behind why you absolutely must beat haters.


Your book was informative, informational, very well thought out and written and had a strong, very helpful, useful point to it. The experiences you wrote about were very relatable, as well as the advice being very attainable and easy to understand. Hats off to you sir!

- Lindsay; Nurse Assistant, Lansing, Michigan


download how haters help 

•  What latent fears are, how they screw up your Life and how to overcome them.

•  Why valuing the opinions of others (not just haters) is the worst habit and how to overcome it.

•  Five insidious ways in which a hater can attack you and exactly how to overcome each assault.

•  Six steps for how to deal with anything a hater throws at you and beat them every time.

•  What Winston Churchill knew about haters.

•  How to use haters for inspiration at any time.

•  How to beat haters and prove them wrong on an individual basis

•  How to find real humor in the attacks of haters (personally, I laugh my ass off).

•  My friend’s tattoo and its lesson about haters.

•  A method to easily recover from any blow dealt by a hater.

•  Your brain and the effects haters can have on it.

•  Your Life and how haters can influence it without you even realizing it.

•  The single most important thing you will ever need to know to get whatever you want out of Life.

•  Three examples of the six steps of how you can be made or broken in any pursuit.

•  How to overcome and beat haters at the mental level.

•  How to engineer your mind and beliefs any way you want.

•  How to use breakthrough brain technology to create amazing mental states.

•  Four different tools for programming your mind as you desire.

•  What a “key event” is and a detailed mental plan to execute one perfectly.

•  How brain waves and your daily routine relate to getting what you want out of Life.

•  Why I actually hope you are hated on by haters.

•  The responsibility you have to yourself and the world.

•  The responsibility you have to haters (say whuahhtt???)!

•  Other insightful scholarly excerpts on haters and how to beat them.

Truthfully, after reading How Haters Help for free, you will (among other things)…

•  Learn how to handle any hater, anytime, anywhere.

•  Learn how to overcome any hater and prove any hater wrong in any circumstance.

•  Learn how to counter any kind of attack or insult from a hater.

•  Gain tools you can use to prove haters wrong and use them to your advantage.

•  Learn how to stop haters from sabotaging your mind and your Life.

•  See how important mental programming is in the fight against haters.

•  Learn how to use to psychology to master your mind and get anything you want out of Life.

•  Learn how to feel anyway you want and be whoever you want.

•  Ultimately, master your haters and master yourself!


You are right on the money. I thank you for the information you shared. It really put things in perspective for me. Keep up the great work!

- Antonio Parker; Jazz Producer, Maryland


...The book is 100% FREE to download...


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Enjoy my book and let me know what you think!

lee ridenour

Lee Ridenour

Founder, Self-Evolution LLC

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